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Samson’s Gift

PRICE: $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-9728654-6-3
FORMAT: Hardcover, Perfect bound book
SIZE: 32 page, 9 1/4″ X 11 1/2

Award: 2015 Illumination Book Awards
Category: Keepsake/Gift/Specialty Bible

Meet Samson; a sheep afraid to get his wool sheared, until one star-lit night when he gives his most precious gift.


On the edge of the city lies a sheep farm with large pastures that extend to the hills. But this isn’t just any sheep farm. It is home to Samson, an orphaned sheep with an extraordinary coat of wool.


Samson couldn’t be happier as a lamb – he has the funniest sheep friends, Jacob and Joseph, and a true ally in the shepherdess Tedra. He can’t help but feel special as he grows into a strong and handsome merino ram, but there is one thing Samson just can’t do; part with his beautiful coat of wool. That is, until one star-lit night.


In this simple, yet beautiful story, talented artist and author Ellen Jean Diederich weaves a wonderful tale about giving and giving for the right reason.


A glossary and list of fun sheep & wool facts follow the last page of the story.

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Where’s Petunia?

PRICE: $18.99
ISBN: 0-9728654-0-3
FORMAT: Hardcover, perfect bound
SIZE: 32 page, 9 1/4″ x 11 1/2″
DISTRIBUTORS: Baker & Taylor, Quality Books

2004 Benjamin Franklin Award

Bill Fisher Best First Book – Fiction

Art the cat is the star character in this feline adventure. Learn the names of beautiful flowers along with an appreciation of a garden’s enchantment. Children will discover the animals that Ellen Jean Diederich has woven into the flowerbeds. If you were a cat playing hide and seek where is the first place you would go? In the back of the book is a photo guide to help readers identify flowers.

A Children’s Book and more…
order one for your child, after you see it,
you’ll want another for your coffee table

  • It’s a children’s picture
  • It’s a gardener’s inspiration
  • It’s an art collector’s treasure
  • It’s a cat owner’s delight

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Progressive Painting

PRICE: $18.95
ISBN: 978-0-9728654-3-2
FORMAT: Softcover, perfect bound, 8 ½” x 5 ½”
DISTRIBUTOR: Baker & Taylor, Quality Books

Progressive Painting guides you, blending the nuts’n’bolts of creating art with the emotional and inspirational components of the creative process. This beautifully illustrated 112-page book contains over 50 full-color paintings and illustrations that are both instructional and inspirational. No studio should be without it.


• An instruction manual for the beginning artist
• A refresher course for the professional
• A how to survive and thrive as an artist
• An inspiration to persist


“Based on years of professional experience, this book is a good read and treasure to behold. The beginner, intermediate and professional artist will all find useful tips and advice on making art and presenting it properly to the world at large. Conversational in style and easy to read the book is filled with little pearls of wisdom and insight born of a love of the artistic process. Highly recommended.”

– Rusty Freeman, Vice President of Curatorial and Education, Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND


Book Reviews

“One comes away from this insightful book not only better informed about painting but also with a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration”

– John T. Salminen, AWS-DF, NWS


“This book is a valuable studio tool if you are interested in conquering the creative challenges all artists face daily.”

– Robert Burridge, Robert Burridge, Fine Art Painter, President, International Society of Acrylic Painters Arroyo Grande, California


“Progressive Painting – your creative journey focuses on where all ought to begin: on the nature of the true artist. Ellen Jean Diederich leads the novice from initial acceptance of creativity as a special gift and on to its development through a series of increasingly complex concepts and exercises that both enhance and exploit the powers of intuitive art. Progressive Painting – your creative journey offers a lot more than a simple introduction to tools, materials, and technique. A great gift for the budding artist.”

– Raymond J. Steiner, Editor/Art Critic, ART TIMES.

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