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Insight with Watercolor.

Hey there!

  • Have you been thinking about taking  a painting workshop?
  • Do you want to gain new skills in watercolor painting?
  • Would you like to improve upon the skills you already have?
  • Have you never painted and you want to learn a new hobby?

Do any of these apply to you? If so you should check out my Insight with Watercolor Workshop in Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin.

This four day workshop from May 17th – 22nd is perfect for you.

During this workshop I will work with students at any level to learn problem solving that works. I like to create a relaxed and fun classroom atmosphere for you to learn and loosen up in.

This workshop is great because you get to work on subject matter you love at your own pace.

I demonstrate and work with each student one-on-one to help teach the basics, but also work on areas you specifically want to improve.

There will be a strong emphasis on the basics, particularly shapes, color and value.

If you are a beginner, you will also be able to build an understanding of watercolor.

If this is something you are interested in, check out the link above


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