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Samson’s Gift


Givinity Press Proudly Presents: Samson’s Gift,

written and illustrated by Ellen Jean Diederich

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On the edge of the city lies a sheep farm with large pastures that extend to the hills. But this isn’t just any sheep farm. It is home to Samson, an orphaned sheep with an extraordinary coat of wool.


Samson couldn’t be happier as a lamb – he has the funniest sheep friends, Jacob and Joseph, and a true ally in the shepherdess Tedra. He can’t help but feel special as he grows into a strong and handsome merino ram, but there is one thing Samson just can’t do; part with his beautiful coat of wool. That is, until one star-lit night.
In this simple, yet beautiful story, talented artist and author Ellen Jean Diederich weaves a wonderful tale about giving and giving for the right reason.
A glossary and list of fun sheep & wool facts follows the last page of the story.

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