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Bison Territory                                                        BISON TERRITORY

This acrylic painting by Ellen Jean Diederich is 20″ x 60″ on canvas.  I started  out by coloring the ground in intense rectangles of color.  Then I roughly drew in each Bison with Sketch and Wash pencils. If I didn’t like something I could wipe it off with a paper towel and start over.  A teal sharpie was used  out the shapes  as accurately as possible.  This painting was fun to create.

I have officially accepted the idea of overlapping  the subject matter with the background. It creates very interesting edges and connects the subject to the background.  Most of the painting of animals was gestural in style.   By using a filbert, it is easier to control detail with a large brush.  I noticed that   raw bristle stokes left very descriptive edges such as the beard on the 4th buffalo from the left. Despite all of this I noticed the painting seemed to have a lifelessness.   Then I read an article stating  using soft gel  would give a lift.  I was primarily using matte medium.  So I did some final touches with soft gel. Wow it worked!